Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why raid Yeddy's house now? Raid Siddaganga Mutt!

CBI raids Yeddy's house after all horses and crows have bolted and stashed their loot.

What is the point in CBI raiding Yeddy's houses and offices now?

There is (or should I say "was") a reason Yeddy visits Siddaganga Mutt in Tumkur at 5AM before sunrise.

And there is again a reason why Swamiji of Siddaganga Mutt (who was kind enough to meet Yeddy in jail and hospital during earlier arrests) out of the blue invited Sonia Madam and honored her.

AICC president Sonia Gandhi pays obeisance to Siddalinga Swamy of Siddaganga Mutt at Tumkur, Karnataka on Saturday.— PHOTO: K . Bhagya Prakash
(Photo: From The Hindu April 29 2012)

It was very amusing to see this 105 year old man (Swamiji) acting like a shy school boy near Sonia Gandhi in Tumkur.

Point is Yeddy's loot is safe in Tumkur Siddaganga Mutt. 

Congress and CBI know this.

Shrewd Swamiji knows that CBI knows Yeddy's loot is in his safe custody.

So Swamiji invites "Madam" to his birthday event and honors her and praises her.

Now which CBI officer has guts to raid a temple premises which "Madam" has visited only a few days back?

And here we are dumb public sitting like idiots in front of TV watching breaking news about "Raid on Yeddy's houses" while loot is already in a very safe place.

Every journalist worth his salt in Bangalore knows where Yeddy and Sons loot is stored but no one dares to point this out to public. Is it the fear of Mutt's followers or Yeddy's followers? Or is it blind faith? Or are they also in cahoots in whole scam? You decide.

Now you know rest of the story....