Thursday, November 29, 2012

Irony of Lawbreaker Justice M.F.Saldanha supporting corrupt journalist Naveen Shetty Soorinje

Irony of Lawbreaker Justice M.F.Saldanha supporting corrupt journalist Naveen Shetty Soorinje!

Justice M.F.Saldanha - yes, the one who retired years ago but still clings to his "Justice" title and behaves like one as seen when he was caught red handed by Bangalore Mirror Newspaper.


Cutting tape (and breaking traffic rules) - Justice M.F.Saldanha style!

Note the illegal red light on his private car
Law breaking Retired Justice M.F.Saldanha now preaches about following the law in homestay attack case planner Naveen Shetty Soorinje

Illegal use of red light on top of M.F.Saldanha's private car

Note illegal use of red light on Saldanha's private car. Bangalore police confiscated it the next day.
M.F.Saldanha appears to have opinion on everything under the sun including his support of Naxals and corrupt officials. So it is not a surprise to see him supporting corrupt roll call journalist aka Mangalore homestay attack planner Naveen Shetty Soorinje.

As a retired judge one would think Mr.Saldanha is aware that courts have rejected bail pleas of Naveen Soorinje again and again because courts are convinced of Naveen's role in organising the attack and subsequent rape attempt on girls there.

Yet, we have this retired judge justifying the act of roll call journalist Naveen Soorinje! By the time you read this blog, you can be assured that Saldanha has already sent press conference clipping to his foreign NGO masters like Transparency International to claim TA&DA and remuneration for this work.

Even within our own Christian community, Saldanha is known as somewhat of loose case and as a retiree who has found good source of income in eschewing so called "social causes". One also should not forget that many of his decisions as a judge were dubious and were ultimately over ruled by other judges.

As George Belman says in comment:

So Mr.Saldanha is not exactly a shining diamond of honesty and integrity and has no right nor he is qualified to comment on every topic under the sun. Live what you preach, Mr.Saldhanha. One should not forget that many of Saldanha's decisions as judge were dubious and were ultimately overturned.

What hurts me is there was not one journalist worth his salt in Mangalore who asked Saldanha "What rights or moral grounds you have to ask legality of Naveen's arrest when you yourself was caught red handed breaking numerous traffic laws in Bangalore?". Perhaps too much to expect such guts from career journalists of Karnataka?

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