Saturday, January 5, 2013

Journalist role in Mangalore Home Stay Attack and Guwahati Molestation case

There are many similarities between Guwahati molestation case and Mangalore Home Stay Attack - in both cases "journalists" instigated the mob to attack girls and captured it on video.

While a bunch of ill-informed communist naxal sympathizers sit on a three day protest in Bangalore against arrest of fellow blackmail journalist, hafta collector Naveen Soorinje, it is important we public realise Naveen Shetty Soorinje's role in Mangalore homestay attack.

I am posting this because there are many people outside of Mangalore who are not aware of Naveen Soorije's background, his pivotal role whole planning of Mangalore homestay attack and his so called "journalism"

Naveen planned, executed and filmed whole Mangalore Homestay attack as noted by Hon'ble Karnataka State High Court while dismissing his bail petition on December 26th.

It is also interesting to note how Guwahati molestation case and Mangalore Homestay attacks are identical in that in both cases journalists played a key role in planning, organising the attack.

Gaurav Jyoti Neog, the Newslive channel reporter who is accused of "planning and directing" the ghastly mob attack on a 20-year-old girl in Guwahati
Mangalore Homestay attack planner, instigator (as noted by Karnataka High Court) so called "journalist" Naveen Soorinje

Consider these facts:

In both cases attacks were planned by journalists/media 

  • Guwahati molestation case - Gaurav Jyothi Neog was arrested by police as evidence turned up that he not only planned the whole attack but made sure that it was caught on video. He can be seen and heard encouraging attackers to molest the girl.
  • Mangalore Homestay attack - so called journalist well known blackmailer Naveen Shetty Soorinje planned the attack, was present at Homestay even before goondas arrived and made sure that girls were attacked and molested in front of camera.

 Funny justification of these journalists when caught red handed

  • After arrest Gaurav Jyothi Neog claimed: "..that he had carried out his professional duties as a responsible journalist by asking for a camera unit from his office and filmed the "nightmarish incident to fulfill the social responsibility of identifying the molesters and get them punished." 
  •  After home stay attack Naveen Soorinje parroted along same lines and boasted he called police. But all evidence point the other way - mobile records show that Naveen called police only after his cameraman capture visuals of attack. And to his bad luck a mobile video where Naveen is actively encouraging mob to remove girls' clothes is also said to be in the possession of police.
So all those Internet, Facebook warriors sitting behind their computer monitors should know that Naveen is no "clean Cindrealla" here. Ask around journalists in Mangalore on how Naveen blackmailed industries and SEZ, not to mention indecent SMS he used to send to college girls. Ask how he spent most of the days in pubs with same people who've been arrested for Mangalore Home  Stay attack.

So think before you support this so called journalist and hunger strike in support of Naveen Soorinje!

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